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Ultimate Streamer Starter Pack – Avermedia BO311 Combo

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So today we are going to take a look at the Avermedia Liver Streamer 311 combo box which is a perfect set for people who are getting into streaming. So a big thanks to Sonic Informed who is the Official Distributor for AVerMedia here in South Africa for sending these over.

Starting of with the price the box set is currently retailing for around R4000 here in South Africa, I wasn’t able to find the set on Amazon or Newegg. But you can still get everything separately if you wanted.

The 311 box set comprises of the PW313 Webcam, GC311 Live Gamer Mini capture card and the AM310 USB mic which I have already reviewed and it is currently my main mic for al my game livestreams. So yeah it good. Im not going to full detail about the mic, if you want a full break down check out the review linked below.

But now lets quickly switch over to these to see how they sound, look and perform.

Alrighty, so you guys can hear how the mic sounds, how the webcam looks and when we jump into a game you will see how the Live Gamer Mini performs.

Firstly for the AM310 mic, it is a USB condenser microphone with a large metal capsule that weighs around 500grams. You do get an included mic stand that is decent but would recommend getting a boom arm to have more space on your desk and better control over positioning.  At the back you get a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can use to monitor either your PCs audio or what’s directly coming out of the mic. Then at the front you get the volume knob that controls the audio coming out from the 3.5mm jack. But also it allows you to mute the mic when not using so google cant hear what you are saying. But as for the audio quality it is pretty good having a good amount of bass and decent amount of highs. Using programs like OBS you can add some EQ, Noise Gate and other effects you want to fit your stream. 

So that a quick look at the MA310 but again if you want more details and audio comparisons check out the full review.

Next up for the GC311 Live Gamer Mini, it is a tiny external USB capture card which is going to be perfect for streamers on the go. Now to be clear for beginner streamers to stream you don’t need a capture card you can do that just with your PC. But if you want to record or stream from your console or use a dual streaming setup you will need one. What it does is take the display information from the 1 device and converts it into a single that the 2de device can read for encoding. No real recording or processing is done on the capture card itself, its just a communication middle point  So just wanted to be clear on that, because I have gotten plenty of questions regarding that. 

So for the Live Gamer Mini it is an external capture card that connects and gets power via the micro usb port. Along with that you get 2 HDMI ports. The HDMI IN needs to be connected to the device you want to record, like your console or gaming PC and then the HDMI OUT connects to your main monitor. This allows you to still get a latency free image from the gaming device with the HDMI but also the same image to your streaming computer with the USB to then record or stream with OBS, Streamlabs or other programs.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about specs, the Live Gamer Mini supports up to 1080p images at 60hz. ANything above that will need to be downscaled. Because its HDMI it records both video and audio so no need to worry about that. As for image quality, it’s going to be the same so no need to worry about that as well. Now just quickly to set it up in OBS Streamlabs all you need to do is click on the plus or add new source and select the video capture device and then it should pop open.

Also sometimes you might get a display error that says HDCP, its just a copyright prevention thing that you can disable by downloading Avermedia ReCentral and under the settings there is an option to turn it off. 

Lastly is the PW313 webcam. The 313 is a 1080p 30fps webcam with dual mono speakers and a nice little privacy slider to prevent google from looking at you while your playing games and not studying. Definitely a nice little feature. The webcam is able to turn 360 degrees and tilt a small about to get it leveled. The base has a normal tripod screw mount at the bottom or you can just clamp it on to the top of your monitor. Also for the cable its a USB 2.0 connection and has a length of 1.5meters.

Now as for the image quality here is a side by side with the PW313 vs the Logitech C920 which is another very popular webcam. All of the settings was set on default and out of the box the PW313 looks the most flattering but the C920 is sharper and has a lot more control over contrast and colors. 

SO thats it for my look at the Avermedia Live Streamer 311 and its a real nice starter package for people who are just getting into streaming or just want to take the next step to dual system streaming. Like I mentioned before im currently still using the AM310 mic because its honestly all I need for now. The 313 webcam looks to be quite good as well, I do like the little adjustments you get and the image quality is also pretty good, webcams will really be great, the sensors are just way too small. Then lastly for the Live Gamer Mini, I do really like the small size, it makes it perfect for traveling and its just a simple little device that works. I would have liked if the USB was type c instead of micro USB but its definitely not a deal breaker.

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