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This is unexpected brilliance – Cooler Master MH650

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Finding a good gaming headset under $100 has become so easy recently. But the problem we find ourselves in now is which one do you go for? Well let me see if I can help you out with that a bit. Because Cooler Masters latest MH650 gaming headset is definitely up there.


Firstly the MH650 is currently retailing for $90 on Amazon or around R1400 here in South Africa.


For that $90 you get a mostly plastic build with a tin headband and quite solid ear cups. But the frame on the inside is steel which allows the headset to bend and twist a good amount.

The frame is also able to adjust but I did find that the tension was a bit stiff when pulling out but even with just a tiny bit of pressure it would go back. It’s not the biggest issue because when on my head it was steady, but worth a mention.  Then the final kind of issue I had was also again to do with tension. And that is even though the ear cups are able to swivel and tilt, which is great because it actually sits really comfortably on your neck, it’s just WAY too loose for me. The earcups swivel has no tension at all so just picking up or moving the headset would cause the earcups to start swiveling and it’s honestly not that big of an issue but it annoyed me so much. So that was the really the biggest issue I had with the MH650 and pretty much everything else is good. 

Around the bottom side of the earcups you get all your audio controls like the volume wheel which has a good amount of rotation the mic mute button and the mic port on the left and then virtual surround and RGB control buttons on the right

Now of course because this is a gaming headset you got to have some RGB and the MH650 does not disappoint with you get these RGB rings around the outside of the ear cups and their decently bright. You can also change the colors and effects with the RGB button. It isn’t anything too crazy but you do have some controls.


Now getting into comfort, both the headbands padding and ear cups cushions have this extremely soft fabric foam padding which is just straight up amazing. The ear cups are big enough to fit nicely over ears and the inside of the cushion is leathered which adds that tiny bit of extra softness. But now what makes it even better is that CoolerMaster actually included addition foam padding against the inside of the driver wall which prevents any ears catching or annoying itches. This honestly shouldn’t be that big of a deal but so few headsets actually have these and for anyone with a bit more curved ears you know how annoying it can be without it. So big points to the MH650 for this and just overall being one of the most comfortable headsets I have used. Also to go along with that clamping force is a bit more on the loose side but its just enough to prevent the headset from sliding off your head with smaller head shakes.


Getting into audio quality this is another area CoolerMaster really stepped up their game. With the 50mm Neodymium drivers delivering really good sound and a lot of output. The windows volume never went above 35% while I was listening to music. The MH650 has a frequency response ranging between 20hz -20khz and has a well balanced frequency range with no clear range overpowering the others. Highs are super clear with full mids and bass with a good amount of punch. As for gaming the stereo surround is good as well with footsteps being clear, shots crisp and explosions powerful. Plus having the virtual 7.1 ads that tiny bit surround sounds. But that’s only if you do like that.

Both sound bleed and isolation is about average, with you not really being able to hear people around you when at higher volume but they can somewhat hear what you are listening to. 


As for the cable you get a single 2.2m braided USB cable which powers the RGB and and audio.


So then in Conclusion I have to say originally I did not expect the MH650 to be this good. Most CoolerMaster headsets before the MH750 range weren’t the best. But they have definitely stepped up their game with the MH650 performing really well. The sound quality is on point and the most important part for me, comfort, is outstanding. So I can without a doubt recommend the MH650.

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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