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This chair makes me feel amazing – Cougar Armor Titan Pro

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Gaming chairs are a very important part of our gaming setups. We don’t only spend massive amounts of hours on them, but it is usually the first thing people see when entering your battle station. So it can either be an eye sore or it can be one of the most important aesthetics of your whole setup. Another problem that arises when looking for a chair, especially if you are a bigger person is the size of the chair and how much weight it can handle. Well Cougar has thought about all of that and created the Titan Pro, a big, beautiful strong gaming chair, for everyone to enjoy as it supports weights of up to 160kg or 350 pounds.


Now first off the Titan isn’t a cheap chair, but that’s obvious as this is cougars flagship gaming chair (the Argo, Cougars ergonomic chair isn’t a gaming chair as per say). So the Titan retails for $335 on Newegg as there was no stock available on amazon, and here in South Africa it retails for roughly R8000.





South Africa



Aesthetics is spot on with the Titan Pro, one of the first things you notice is the gold stitching over the chair. It is mostly covered in black PVC leather and on the side of the chair you have some alcantara leather. To compliment the gold stitching, they made some of the parts on the arm rests gold as well, which definitely does finish the chair of quite nice. But I do think that if you move your arm rests around a lot that the gold plating might start to scratch and come off. Now the lumbar support cushion and neck cushion are the same style with the gold stitching, but these are mainly cloth material with some alcantara on them. Both of them sport the big cougar branding on them.

On the back of the chair you also get a very big golden cougar logo, the rest of the back side is covered with the PVC leather and the straps for the lumbar support is visible as well. Lastly we move onto the design of the wheels and wheel plate, you get 5 wheels, then the wheel plate is quite a cool design, we joke and say it looks like a Beyblade, but it doesn’t look or feel cheap at all.


But the most important part of a chair is obviously how comfortable it is. And unfortunately gaming chairs tend to be less comfortable than a good ergonomic chair, they usually lean more towards the aesthetics side. But is the Titan Pro the same as most of the other gaming chairs, or is this one of the few that is actually balanced in both comfort and looks.

The cushions used in the bottom section is quite stiff, but still soft. It is actually very comfortable and extends all the way to the fold of your knees. Now if you are one of those people that like sitting cross legged on your chair, I am happy to inform you that I could actually sit cross legged on the chair, without too much effort.

As for the lumbar support cushion, the position is good and easy to adjust, but when it sits against the lumbar area it doesn’t give me enough support so it would’ve been nice if it was a little bit thicker. Especially using the chair for a few months, the cushioning will become even flatter and give less support. I don’t even use my lumbar cushion at home anymore cause its almost completely flat already, and that started out to very supportive. So I don’t have to much hope for this one. As it was actually more comfortable for me without the cushion there.

The back support, is well not very supportive either, the back of the chair doesn’t lean forward enough and when you sit against it, you sit at a backwards angle, kind of pushing your tummy out. So its doesn’t give you the correct body placement in front of the mouse and keyboard. Unless your screen is wall mounted, quite high for that matter then the leaning back method might work for you. The back mount can also decline 170 degrees backwards for those power naps in between loading screens.

Now the neck cushion, yeah about that, I barely noticed it, even when leaning backwards, it should’ve been thicker, I almost need to tilt me head back to place my head on it, but again if you lean back your head should rest nicely on the pillow. Its very stiff though and it has memory foam inside. At least it looks nice I guess.

The arm rests is covered in a soft plastic material, well I say soft but they are actually very stiff and if you are going to rest your elbows on them they will hurt after a while, but this is a issue I have with most gaming chairs. As for the positioning of the arm rests, its not too bad, but they don’t come back far enough, especially considering that the most comfortable position in this chair is leaning backwards. The movements are very smooth though and easy to adjust but they do wobble around.

The wheels are very smooth on the Titan, they glide around with no effort. Even on a carpet they were smooth as butter. We do recommend a hard chair mat if you do sit on a carpet, it just prolongs the life of the chairs wheels a lot.


This next sector is where the Titan really starts shining. Adjustability, the Titan gives you a little bit more choices than the standard gaming chair. You get the basics of up and down, the back support adjustment, the arm rests can go up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards and then also adjust the angle in and outwards. Then something new I haven’t experienced yet, is to tilt the whole chair backwards, which is quite cool but I’m not sure if it is something that I would use myself. But you this gives you the option for a ergonomic slouch on the chair.


Now I’m not the biggest guy on the block, and this chair was created more for the larger person, whether you are quite tall or big boned. And I am neither, so obviously it can work for me, but something like my cougar armor black fits me better, I feel more comfortable on it. But I know that some of my friends that are larger than I am, say that my chair isn’t that comfortable for them, they need something bigger.

So the Cougar Armor Titan is a very good looking gaming chair, with very good adjustability and great build quality. But if you are more on the average size, like me, then I wouldn’t recommend spending this amount of money on the Titan Pro. But if you are a larger person then this is a brilliant chair for you and your money will be well spent.

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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