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Thermaltake Level 20 Titanium – The perfect Keyboard For RGB Lovers

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The Level 20 keyboard is currently Thermaltake’s top of the range gaming keyboard. Currently you do get 2 versions the Aluminum Black model and the Titanium version which we have here.


Pricing wise you can pick up either model for around $150 or R3000 here in South Africa.

Now there isn’t much companies can add to make a new keyboard really that much better than previous or other models. So Thermaltake stuck to what they do best, which is RGB. So if you were planning to go to a party, no need to, the party is right here with the Level 20.


Taking a  look at the design of the Level 20. The body is made out of a thick aluminum top plate and a plastic underside. Because of the somewhat larger build it is quite a bit on the heavy side but also very sturdy with 0 flex.

2 of my favorite features included in a gaming keyboard, other than RGB of course. Is a built in USB and Audio pass through and the Level 20 has that covered. It’s of course not that needed but is always just a nice to have especially if your PC is not right next to you. The USB pass through is unfortunately only USB 2.0 but it’s still enough to connect your wired or wireless mouse, your wireless USB headset and it does supply enough power to use with an external SSD. Also the 3.5mm audio jack is a TRRS connection so you can use any 3.5mm headset with it. 

However because of the pass through you are going to get some additional connections which makes the cable a bit thicker. But the braided cable is still quite flexible and long at 1.8 meters.


One of the main reasons why I wanted to take a look at the Level 20 is because the Black version actually comes out with Razer Green switches which I have not seen before on other non Razer products so I found that to be quite interesting. So along with the Razer Green switches you get MX Blues and MX Speeds which my model has.

The MX Speeds aren’t the best for typing but for fast and accurate keystrokes the MX Speeds are king with a 1.2mm actuation point, 3.4mm total travel distance and only needs 45grams of actuation force. 

As for the keycaps they are double shot injected ABS plastic with a very smooth rubberised feeling coating which helps  a bit more with grip. I would have liked it if they were PBT keycaps but they do feel better than most ABS keycaps.

The level 20 also features full anti ghosting for unlimited keypresses.

As for some secondary functions, F1 to F12. Then you also get your dedicated media controls on the right side, which has a good fell to them.


Taking a look underneath the Level 20 you get 5 rubber pads for grip. 2 at the top, 3 at the bottom that adds a good amount of grip and then 2 large flip out keyboard feet with 2 sets of elevation and all of them have rubber padding on as well. 


Taking a look at the iTake software that you can download from thermaltakes website.

The iTake software allows you to create and edit 6 profiles. Where in each one you can adjust your macros,lighting and TT sync.You are also able to assign different commands to each of the keys/buttons, a programs launch and then also you can create and assign your own custom macros.

Then as for the lighting you get 11 different effects for the keys themselves and then 12 for around the keyboard. You also get 2 additional settings music mode and temp mode which adjusts all areas. Its also good to know that the level 20 also works with Razer Chroma  and is amazon alexa supported.

Conclusion – Gaming & Typing

So in conclusion, from my experience I can say that the level 20 is a good keyboard 

For the price point in south africa it might be a little bit expensive for what you get as there are a few more well known brands that deliver around the same price point.

Also the RGB might be a bit too much for some, I personally do like it but not everyone is as RGB crazy as I am.

But the build quality is on point and feels like the premium keyboard it is. 

Typing is not the greatest on speed switches, but they are great to game on.

If thermaltake could bring out the same keyboard with gateron or kale switches, I think that could be a good combination, as that would lower the price quite a bit but still keep all of the great features.


What do you think?

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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