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The fastest memory we have tested – Aorus RGB 4800MHz

A few weeks ago Aorus blessed us with a few new hardware additions in the studio, one of them being their latest memory kit for the market. These are their Aorus RGB memory modules running at 4800MHz, which is INSANE! Timings are 19-26-26-46 rated for 1.5v, so timings aren’t that tight but that’s usually the case with higher frequency RAM. 


Now these modules are extremely fast but we will get into that a bit later, with speeds like these there’s usually a high price tag involved as well. Well we don’t know as we couldn’t find them for sale anywhere so yeah. We actually don’t think that these modules are available for purchase as of yet.


As for design, they aren’t that different from the previous design, but the new ones have a more minimalistic design, and they do look really really good. They have a gun metal grey heat shroud with a RGB diffuser on the top. 


As with our other RAM benchmarks we did not overclock them. Because of how complicated it can get and most of the average consumers do not overclock. The best thing is just to go the plug and play route and enable the XMP settings in your BIOS. The kit we have here is the 2x 8GB kits at 4800MHz. We are going to compare them to some other RAM we have tested on our new test bench. Now we couldn’t determine what DIE’s were being used as Thaiphoon couldn’t detect the SMBus used. 

So for our benchmarks we used AIDA 64 and cinebench R23. 

When it came to AIDA 64 we saw that when it came to latency it did seem that the timings played a bigger part than the speed of the memory, with bandwidth the higher frequency did play a very big part. 

With Cinebench it seems to have come down more on margin of error with the single core test, but we did see the higher frequencies do somewhat better. With multi core we saw clearly that the higher frequency did play a part and the Aorus 4800MHz RAM did come out on top. 

With our game test on Siege, it seems that the game runs better with tighter timings than it does with higher frequencies. 

Now as we can see in the benchmarks the gap between the 4800MHz and even 3600MHz is not that big, so what’s the reason for these extremely high frequencies? Well right now there isn’t really a clear reason as to why you would go for such fast memory modules, other than maybe squeezing out every single bit of performance from your PC, or maybe just bragging rights. 


The only time we see this being used is with a company that does extremely big video or photo editing projects and need to gain seconds or minutes when exporting, but for gaming and normal day to day use we cant see why someone would spend so much money on such fast memory. Cause if you look at some other brands that run at these speeds they usually go for $600 and up for a 16GB kit, whereas the Aorus 3600MHz 16GB kit only goes for $170 on amazon, that’s almost 4 times cheaper than the 4800MHz kits that we could find, and the performance difference is less than 5%. So 3600MHz is the best option to go for.

And a lot of other reviewers also say the same thing and that is that the sweet spot for RAM currently is a 3600MHz kit with a CL16 timing ratio. That’s what will give you the best bang for your buck. These kits that have insanely high frequencies are usually very expensive and they don’t give you that much extra performance, if they do give any at all. I would rather get a 3600Mhz and save some money to get a better GPU or CPU to be honest. 

So although the Aorus 4800MHz kit sounds very very impressive, and they are impressive as well, They just aren’t worth the money yet. Maybe in the future AMD or Intel will release some sort of technology that will use these high speeds more efficiently but right now, you are just going to waste your money on something that’s not going to give you the performance increase that you would want. 

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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