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The best of the best? MSI SUPRIM RTX 3090

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The past few months was one of the most exciting and at the same time disappointing months in history for Graphics cards. The launch of the RTX 30 series GPU’s was hugely anticipated but when they finally did drop the stock shortage was a disaster and for the small amount of GPUs available the scalpers swooped up and it was basically impossible to get your hands on one. 


Luckily for us we can look at one of the most premium ones on the market right now, the MSI SUPRIM RTX 3090. This is MSI’s prestige line of graphics card designs. And you can honestly see it, the built quality and looks of this card is next level. The new Twin frozr 2S cooling system does look very good. It’s the small little details they added that makes it stand out, but they also added massive changes from the TRIO X range that was really refreshing to see. 

One of these small details that I noticed was the fans had small polished parts on them made for faster airflow. Also on the center of the fans were embossed MSI dragons, which really does look badass. Yes when the fans spin you won’t see them anyways, but you shouldn’t be looking at your GPU when playing games to start with. Although I must admit that it is hard not to look at this GPU I mean this is made to look just as good as it performs. You also get these two triangular RGB strips next to the first and middle fan.

And unlike the Gaming X trio range from MSI there are no RGB hotspots on the RGB strip on the side, another welcoming thing to see is they added an RGB MSI logo on the backplate that just really pops as well. Talking about the backplate, this is really nice, it’s a brushed steel backplate but it really does feel and look very prestigious. Now that prestigious-ness, don’t know if that’s really a word but anyways it does come with a price though. As the SUPRIM RTX 3090 MSRP is $1750 versus the TRIO X’s $1590. That’s almost a $200 increase in the price. 

Like I mentioned before the RGB looks really good on this GPU, the way the RGB looks does reflect that prestige title that MSI wanted to go for. All of the RGB is controlled through MSI Dragon Center. Unfortunately each zone isn’t separate from the other so when you do change the RGB it changes for all the RGB zones. You get 18 different lighting effects and of course all the colours you would want to change it to. You can also change the brightness and speed of the effects. And ofcourse it has the support for the Ambient Link, to link all of your supported lights together, like you HUE lights or NANO LEAFS. A feature of the AMBIENT LINK is you can sync it with certain games as well. And get notified when specific stuff in the game happens for example it will flash red when your health is low in AC Valhalla. I did notice that the LEDs next to the fans do take a while to adjust to a new setting sometimes, as they seem to just go off completely and then after a few seconds they change to the new style. 


Now as for the specs and what below all the RGB goodness,

The 3090 has a massive 24GB of Vram. Now as it is advertised for 8K gaming so the enormous amount of VRAM does make sense for that. But there are other factors that play a part for it to be able to handle 8K. So we will take a quick look at the specs, we have a total of 10496 Cuda cores and  a 384 bit memory BUS

Now taking a look at the back for the IO you get 

3x Display Ports v1.4a

1x HDMI 2.1 ports

RTX 3070RTX 3080RTX 3090
CUDA Cores5888870410496
Boost Clock1730MHz1710MHz1700MHz
Memory 8GB10GB24GB
Memory Clock14 000MHz19 000MHz19 500MHz
Memory BUS 256 bit320 bit384 bit


When it comes to power, this dragon is hungry! It has three 8pin power connectors, without an overclock we drew a max of 420W while gaming. That is really a lot of power being consumed there, as the MSI gaming X Trio RTX 3090 drew a max of 380W of power. So this SUPRIM really does like eating electricity. So obviously a power supply of 750W is bare minimum.


Now to keep all of that power under control, for the cooling solution, the SUPRIM uses is the Twin frozr 2S cooling system. Now unlike the TRIO X range this doesn’t try to be as quiet as possible. Not that it’s loud but we will get into that a bit later. It uses the same TORX fan 4.0 as the TRIO X used. It also has a dedicated heatsink for the memory modules, which transfers the heat from the solid nickel-plated copper baseplate. So MSI still aims to at least still be sort of quiet.  Then there is what they call Airflow control which improves airflow dynamics through the heatsink for improved thermals and a more quiet acoustics. 

So let’s see what all of this actually means. For the thermals we ran FURMARK for 15 minutes to determine what the temperature will be under load. We saw that after 15 minutes the max temp was 72c with fans at 66% and 2150RPM,  the fans at 100% the noise was 65DB with fans running at almost 3200RPM. Under gaming load the temps were 74c  With fan noise at  60DB and running at 2250RPM.


As for the benchmarks. The system we used was paired with a i9 9900KF @ 5GHz and 64GB of memory running @ 3600MHZ. Also for the people who want a side by side visual comparison we will have one on our other channel WeDoBenchmarks. linked in the description along with plenty more comparisons to come.

Now lets see if the huge amount of power draw is worth it. 

Again we only tested on 1440p and 4K as the RTX 3090 does not perform well on 1080p.

I did do an overclock as well. The best stable overclock I could get was 100mhz extra on the core and 500 on the memory. But it didn’t really do that much for gaming performance. In firestrike we got an extra 400 points and timespy we got extra 500 points. But the most increase we could pick up in a game after the overclock was 4 frames. 

The first game we tested the SUPRIM on was AC Valhalla. At 1440p it barely beat the RX6800 with a single frame. 4K was a bit of a different story though being more than 10% ahead of the RX 6800. 

Our second title is Rainbow 6 siege. On 1440p with DX11 we saw over 300 FPS and with Vulkan we almost hit 400FPS that’s insane! 4K we saw over 200 FPS on both DX 11 and Vulkan.

With Far Cry new dawn, on 1440p we saw better over 120FPS but a 2FPS drop in 1% against the 6800. In 4K the SUPRIM did over 100 FPS which is amazing!

Ac odyssey on 1440p the SUPRIM barely even beat the RTX 3080 and on 4K it was marginally different with averages being 4 FPS ahead of the 3080.

Horizon zero dawn is the first title where the SUPRIM was the more superior card, see what I did there? This is also one of the titles that we had an overclock on the GPU. 1440p it did only 4FPS better with the overclock. 4K we saw about a 3frame increase with the overclock. 

Apex was one of our fast paced titles to test. On 1440p we saw that the average is basically almost on the max what the game can handle as it tops out at 300 frames. On 4K we almost hit 200 FPS which is insane for 4K.

Our first Ray tracing title was Watch Dogs Legion. With DLSS on we saw a 30% increase in FPS over the RX 6800. Even with RT and DLSS on it still did 8FPS better. 4K the SUPRIM took the top 3 spots just leaving everything in the dust.

Now our second ray tracing title is the all new some might say broken Cyberpunk 2077. So in 1440p we managed to get 100 FPS on ultra preset with DLSS on. Even with RT ON Psycho and DLSS ON we managed to get 61 FPS. 4K with DLSS ON we got an average of 73 FPS but barely got over 30 FPS with DLSS and RT ON though. With no DLSS though it was unplayable with only 18 FPS with RT on. 

Control was our third RT game to test. Here the SUPRIM beat the 3080 by 10%. With DLSS ON they were very close. With RT ON the SUPRIM did very well with DLSS OF and ON. 4K rasterized the SUPRIM was 10% ahead of the 3080 again. 4K with DLSS we managed to get over 100 frames but with RT on it dropped to 71 and then with DLSS off it dropped even lower just hitting 40 frames.

Our fourth and final RT game was wolfenstein youngblood. 1440p rasterized we saw a massive 331 FPS. Strange enough the DLSS didn’t make that big of a difference. In 4K rasterized we got over 200 FPS as well and then here the DLSS made a huge difference with a whopping 270 FPS on 4K. Thats madness. With RT on with DLSS we saw 150 FPS and with DLSS OFF we saw over 100 FPS. 

Our last game to look at wil be another fast paced multiplayer COD MW. on 1440p we saw a massive 235 FPS and in 4K we hit 143 FPS almost making a magical 4K 144HZ screen usable. 

For our synthetic benchmarks we used 3D mark. In Firestrike we had a graphic score of over 48 000 and for timespy it was over 20500. That was on stock without the overclock.


So in conclusion we can see this is surely a powerful card, but what I do like about the SUPRIM is the small details that make the card look great. From the embossed dragons on the fans centre, to the big brushed steel backplate. This GPU is just a big premium block of power. Yes you do pay for this prestige level GPU, but honestly I feel that it’s worth it. When you do handle this card you can feel the luxury in your hands. To top it off it looks seriously good in most systems, whether it’s being showcased in a vertical mount or just sits straight on the motherboard it always looks good. At the end of the day, the RTX 3090 is a statement. It doesn’t honestly, logically make sense to buy this GPU for gaming only. And the MSI SUPRIM just took that statement to the next level. Cause this thing just oozes with expensive,glorious,premium shininess. The thing is if you have the money to drop on a 3090 then the extra $200 wont hurt you that much, so why not just pay the extra $200 and get the most prestigious one on the market. Okay I guess it will be more than $200 considering scalping and such. 

Anyways guy that’s it, that’s all I can say. Thanks for watching, if you liked this video, please remember to like, share , subscribe and comment like always. Check you guys on the flip side. Cheers guys.


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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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