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    This will make games look so much better, Nvidia RTX – This Week In Tech | Ep23

    0 0 0 Share0share[su_youtube url=”” autoplay=”yes”]   Intel first consumer 8 core CPU and Z390   NVIDIA teases ‘future generation GPU architectures’ at GDC   Unreal Engine + $60,000 GPU = Amazing, real-time raytraced Star Wars   NVIDIA’s next-gen 4K 144Hz displays to launch in April   The Play Store gets […] More

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    Tech News | FREE Oculus Rift, 1T M.2 SSD, AMD Polaris, HTC Vive Pre

    0 0 0 Share0shareTech  News for January 6 2016 [su_youtube url=”″ autoplay=”yes”]   Topics and links AMD Polaris architecture: SteelSeries OLED screen mouse: Free Oculus Rift: Rise of the tomb raider release date and specs: Maingear’s Alpha 34 AIO: HTC Vive Pre: Twitter 10 000 characters: Hideo Kojima hall […] More