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Sharkoon Shark Zone H40 Gaming Headphone Review

Sharkoon Shark Zone H40 Gaming Headphone Review

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Inside the box

  • Headset is self
  • Carry baggy


website cable

Build Quality

Mostly plastic except for the aluminum strip in the frame. The frame is able bend a bit. And the ear cups looks like it is able to bend but it cant really. The ear cups are a bit small so your ear squeezes inside but its actually quit comfortable. The cups are also leather that I like. And something cool is that the side of the ear cups lit up.

The microphone feels a bit short but it picks up fine. The mic can bend although it’s a bit harder to bend. It can adjust up and down

The cable is non breaded and  2.5 meters long but is nice and thick so want
bend that easily. Theres a volume controller with a volume wheel and a mic mute. The cable has the standard audio and mic 3.5mm jacks and then for the LED.

website earcups

Sound Quality

The sound quality is decent  the bass is a tad more than the mid and high end but not much. Just enough to make the bass stand out a bit more.


website mic

Mic Quality

Here is how the H40 microphone sounds against my HyperX cloud and my Audio Technica AT2035. [Watch the video to hear the sound quality and compared to others]


The mic is a bit soft but you can boost it a bit and it will be fine. Like all headphone mics there are some background noise but not too much. But my voice sounds nice and clear, there’s not any frequency groups that’s really higher than the other.

My Thoughts

My final thoughts of the Sharkoon Shark Zone H40 headset is that it is a decent pair of headphones that looks cool when your gaming, it has a good mic and good sound quality. So if you like standing out with something different headphones these might be for you.

But for $2 cheaper you can get the Sharkoon GSone headphones that is much better. So that’s my personal opinion.

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