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Sharkoon GSone Headphone Review

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6 - Inside the box

Inside the box

Headset is self

TRRS to TRS Splitter cable


1 - Build qualityBuild quality

Mostly plastic except for the aluminum strip in the frame. The frame is a bit stiff but it is bale to bend. The ear cups is able to turn to the inside but that’s all. The ear cups are made of cloth and is nice and big so it fits very nicely. After about 6 hours straight of using them my ears got a bit warm bit I just took them of for 5 minutes and I could use them again.

The microphone can tilt up and down quit easily and the mouth piece can also bend. To mute the microphone all you do is tilt the mic to the top and it will mute on its own. The is also volume controller but it’s at the back of the right ear piece. Which I think is pretty cool. It’s not that hard just to lift your hand and use the scroll wheel.

The cable is braided which is very nice and the jack is a TRRS jack. So you can’t connect the headphones directly to your computer you’re going to need the included TRRS to TRS adapter.


2 - Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The sound quality is very good I want to say even better than my Kingston HyperX Clouds. The high-end is a bit louder than the low and mids but I really like it. It makes the cracks of guns shots sound a lot better.



4 - Mic Quality

Mic Quality

Here is how the GSones microphone sounds against my HyperX cloud and my Audio Technica AT2035.

Like all headphone mics there are some background noise but not too much. The mic is a bit more “bassy”  than the other Sharkoon mics but my voice sounds nice and clear.


3 - My Thoughts

My Thoughts

My final thoughts of the Sharkoon GSone headset is that I really like it its very comfortable, Sounds really nice, has a good mic and has a good price.

If I really have to say something bad about the headset is that the frame is a bit stiff and the cloth ear cups. Leather would have been nicer. But these are very small down sides.


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