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NEW Razer Kraken 2019 Edition Review

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How’s it going everybody, so for today’s review we have the new version of the Kraken gaming headset from Razer. It’s the new upgraded version of the Kraken Pro V2. I have already taken a look at the Kraken Tournament edition which is the exact same headset except with an external sound controller that features THX special surround sound. So nothing has changed there but I will still quickly go over the headset and give the people who  are new and interested all the needed info.

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So Starting with pricing the Kraken Tournament Edition is retailing for R1400 on RebelTech here in South Africa or $70-$80 on Amazon. But just go check the prices because the green version currently is much cheaper and the Kraken Tournament edition is $79 currently which is kind of a better buy, so just go and check.

Now if you are familiar with the Kraken range then the design is not going to be anything new really. You still get the same adjustable aluminum headband with not too thick but enough mesh padding at the top. Of Course the iconic Razer style plastic ear cups with the mesh style closed back design and the Razer logo. The earcups still swivel a small amount to fit over your ears and the aluminum frame will be able to handle any reasonable amount of tension.


For comfort you get the awesome large and soft, gel-infused ear cushions with the cloth and leatherette combination that allows you to wear it for long periods at a time without any issues. I also had no issues with my ears scratching against the drivers, which is a lot of times an issue for me.


For the microphone it’s the same retractable flexible mic that we see on the majority of Razer headsets however on paper it does look to be a bit better than the other Kraken headsets. But if you want to hear how it sounds, go and take a listion on the review linked above as its always a bit difficult to explain sound.


Then just for the cable you get the same 1.3m Nylon braided cable with an inline controller that allows you to adjust the volume and mute the mic. At the end you get a 90 degree TRRS combo jack that will work for PC, console and other mobile devices. You also get a 2 meter extension cable that splits up to a dual 3.5mm jacks. 

Sound Quality

Now as for the sound quality it was good. It didn’t sound like any frequency ranges were really being overpowered by the others. The bass is also a lot more tuned down compared to previous versions of the Krakens but it’s not lacking, it’s just not as thumby, a lot more neutral.


So in conclusion the Kraken is a good midrange gaming headset with honestly no flaws, but there are a few other headsets in the same price range that is also very good and the Kraken doesn’t have anything to make it stand out above the others. So it’s going to be up to your preference which brand you like more and which design.


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