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My Favorite Mouse – Razer Deathadder Chroma

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What’s up everybody, welcome to We Do Tech. Today I’m going to review the Razer Deathadder Chroma. This is has been my daily driver for the previous 2 years. It is a bit older now with the Deathadder Elite being the new one.


Starting on the left side of the Deathadder you get 2 thumb buttons, a thumb grip and a nice curve. The curve fits your thumb very nicely. It doesn’t curve in too much which makes it still easy to press the 2 thumb buttons. The thumb buttons are quite large, but that makes them easy to press and they don’t stand out that much so don’t always notice them. Using the mouse my thumb was always just beneath them on the hexagon pattern rubber grip. Then by just quickly moving my thumb up, it was right in the middle of the 2 buttons and I could easily press any one of them.

They have a nice, light actuation point that doesn’t need a lot of presser to press. But it’s not that light that you would accidentally press it. You are able to assign your own macro commands to these 2 buttons using the Razer Synapse software, which we’ll get to later.


On the right side you get a sight outwards curve and like the left side a hexagon pattern rubber grip. The grip is slightly bigger than on the left side and does a very good job of keeping my pinkie from slipping. The front part of the right side makes a bit of an outwards curve, this curve is perfect to fit your ringer finger.


Moving to the front of the Deathadder you get the 2.1 meter or 7-foot braided fiber cable with a gold plated USB connector. moving up you get the standard left and right mouse buttons with Omron switches. These buttons are very sensitive, especially the right click. If you’re not used to it, you will accidentally press it now and then. But this just makes the Deathadder so much more precise. The front side is also a bit wider, but this just gives your fingers more room to maneuver.


What do you think?

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