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DIERYA X KEMOVE DK61 – Cheap Keyboards Are Getting So Good

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Now A While back I took a look at the DK63 a $45 Wireless RGB Mechanical keyboard from Dierya. To me this was the best budget keyboard you could buy because of all the features you get for only $45 (I even bought it for $35 at the time). However as you can imagine, it wasn’t perfect, the build quality was a bit lacking, the RGB was also a bit limited and there were a few other small issues. 

But now DIERYA x KEMOVE has brought out the DK61 & DK61 Pro which resolved almost all of those issues. So today we are going to take a look at the DK61 which is unfortunately not the wireless version but they have the same body just that the Pro includes Bluetooth 5.1. Now the new keyboards are a bit more expensive ranging between $50-$60 but as we will see that $10 does make it a much better keyboard.

So starting with what you get inside the box you get a 1.5 meter braided L-shaped USB type C cable, then a single brown and red removable switch, the switch puller, the keyboard itself, the keycap puller and then finally the manual. 


As for the body it is a 60% or 61key layout which is much smaller than standard keyboards. It makes it great for traveling or if you are just looking for a nice small keyboard. This does mean that you will need to use the secondary FN fucnings a lot more. You also do not get any flip out keyboard feet just 4 rubber pads for grip.3945678-=

Now compared to the previous keyboard the shell and keycaps feels a lot more premium. The shell even though not PBT plastic it feels like much better ABS plastic and also you have no rattling going on when shaking the keyboard. As for the keycaps they got rid of the rubber feeling caps and instead went with a bit more of a standard textured PBT caps which feels MUCH better in my opinion. Honestly a very nice upgrade from the previous model, especially if you are going for the wireless version. Just a mention as well, the keyboard is water and dust resistant, but yeah I still wont really try it.


The switches are another new feature, with them ditching the Outemu switches and enstaid including the new-ish Gateron Optical switches. THe use an infrared laser to read keypress instead of the standard mechanical reaction. You can pick up the DK61 with either Black, Blue, Brown or Red switches. However, are they really better? Honestly its hard to say distinctly but on paper yes, with it having a much faster rest, which interns allows for faster keypress.. Because the linear switches like reds don’t need the metal leaf anymore its smoother with less friction. However for the tactile switches like Blues and Brows you have the leaf to still give that clickiness, so then it’s mostly the same except for the rest time.

But overall i’m just happy, got 0 complaints about the switches and they feel great to game and type on.

Also if you wanted to you can remove the switches and replace them with other switches, but I believe you can only do it with other Gateron Optical switches.

RGB Lighting

Moving on to the RGB, this is yet another upgrade with the new white back plate illuminating the light a lot more for a more vibrant colors. Not only that you get a lot more effects, on the keyboard you only get 9 presets, that you can just the brightness and speed. But when downloading the software you have access to so many more, you can create your own which has a bit of a learning curve but you can also import third party effects. 

Along with the RGB you can create your own macros and then just assign a ton of different commands to the keys and layer them as well.


So in conclusion the DK61 certainly has some nice upgrades compared to the previous DK63. However I feel if you were going to go for the DK61 I would much rather spend that $10 more to get the bluetooth option even if that’s not your primary connection you are going to use. You can connect to 3 bluetooth devices at the same time and then still use it in wired mode for gaming because of course bluetooth has a bit too much lag for competitive games. Currently there are so many 60% keyboards and the DK61 doesn’t really stand out above all the others. But the Pro version does because there are not that many wireless options on the market yet. So for me I would go for the Pro if I would purchase it myself.

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