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Huawei Planning To Lose 50% Of Phone Sales + Running Ads On Phones

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USB 4.0 Release Date

Earlier this year we heard that the new USB 4.0 connection is in development. However now we when it might be released. AnandTech met up with the USB Promoter group at Computex where they found out that the new USB 4.0 connection is almost ready to be released. Currently they are on their v0.7 with v1.0 possibly being released in the Summer which is now.

However as for devices that will support USB 4.0 that will only start to arrive more towards the end of 2020.

Also just some info on USB 4.0 if you did not know, it will be built upon its open licensed Thunderbolt 3 technology so USB type C and will deliver up to double the bandwith of USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, they fixed the stupid name as well with the speed up to 40Gbps and will be backwards compatible.

Huawei International Sales Drop

We all know about the US government export ban preventing Google from work with Huawei. And even though that has not taken effect yet Huawei already cancelling a laptop launch and delaying its foldable smartphone. A report from Bloomberg claims that Huawei is expecting a drop in international sales between 40-60%. Now being that half of Huawei’s sales are outside China that is a massive loss for them. Thats between 40-60 million phones being that in 2018 they sold 206million phones worldwide.

Now Huawei is working on their own OS and have been for a long time which will help reduce the impact. But only time will tell what the fate for Huawei will be. It might even be that some companies move over or also use Huawei’s OS which then will be a big competitor to Android.

Huawei Ads on Lock Screen

Now if that was not bad enough for Huawei. Multiple of Huawei owners took to Twitter posting that they are getting unwanted ads on their lock screens overwhelmingly for This happening on phones ranging from the P30 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, Honor 10, and P20 Pro but only on users using the preinstalled landscape background wallpapers.

Ads have appeared on Xiaomi phones as well and people really didn’t take too kindly to it so why Huawei decided to do this I have know idea. Because it’s also a global thing even here in South Africa people reported getting this ad. But as for did they really think this was smart advertising? A google or youtube ad is fine but getting an ad on a device you paid for would just make me never use them.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Last month we got leaked specs of the new Huawei Mate 30 Pro but now we have some more info about the display. But firstly going over the specs that we already know of.

Kirin 985 SoC with the Balong 5000 5G modem, quad camera setup with a 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom, ultra-wide, regular one, and 3D ToF.

4,200mAh with 55W fast wired charging and support for wireless charging and reverse wireless charging up to 10W

6.71-inch AMOLED with a built-in fingerprint scanner

And now new reports out of China say that it will have a refresh rate of 90Hz like the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Reportedly set to be released in October, not sure how many people will go for it thats right on the end of the 90day grace period for Andriod.

Cyberpunk 2077 E3 Demo PC Specs

CD Projekt Red showed off a behind-closed-doors Cyberpunk 2077 demo at this E3 2019

And we got some info on the System they used to run

Intel i7-8700K CPU clocked at 3.7Ghz with an NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU. Show off ray tacing

In addition, the setup used a Samsung SSD and a total of 32GB of RAM at 3000mhz.

Wont need a system like this.

Gundam sneakers

For a lot of people in the west you might not realize how massive Gundam is in the East. Well know for the Gundam fans you can get office Gundam sneakers ranging around $60-$70 with a couple of different designs and colors.

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