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Could This $60 Microphone Be The One To Get?

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So streaming is becoming an increasingly popular way of entertainment and also more people are doing it as a full time job now. But you can’t stream or really be that entertaining without a microphone. Sure you can use a headset mic but they aren’t always that great, especially for streaming. But a dedicated mic can become very expensive, maybe you just left your old job to pursue a career in streaming, so money is tight. Well today we will review a budget microphone, the Fifine K678.


The K678 retails for around $60 or R1300 here in South Africa, which puts it in the lower range for microphones, like the Razer seiren mini and blue snowball. But how does the K678 sound and what does it bring to the table?





South Africa


In the box

Inside the box, you obviously get the mic itself, a 2m USB to Mini USB, a 3/8″ to 5/8″ adapter to mount it on a boom arm or mic stand and then the mic stand. 

Build quality

Now the K678 is one of the best build quality mics that I have felt, it’s a full metal structure and actually quite heavy, weighing in at 1.3Kg, which makes it feel very solid, but make sure your boom arm can support the weight. 

The stand is also full metal build, with a triangular shape, and does a pretty decent job of keeping the mic in its place, especially with the anti slip pads on the bottom. The stand also leaves ample space for the cables that connect to the bottom of the microphone. To mount the mic to a boom arm you simply unscrew the stand and viola. 


On the bottom of the mic you get you Mini USB & headphone jack, on the back of the mic your mic mute button and LED indicator, which ic a stupid placement as you cant see if its muted or not in that position. On the front you have the mic gain & headphone knob, Due note that the K678 is not compatible with a XBOX.

Sound quality

No how does it sound? I would recommend watching the video at the top of the review for the best example of sound quality. But the range is from 40-20 000kHz, the K678 is actually really loud, so make sure the volume is around ⅓, to avoid clipping. 


So the K678 is not a bad mic at all, the build quality is very good, sound was decent enough to stream with just make sure to play around with noise cancelation as it does pick up a lot of background noise. Cause you don’t want your viewers hearing the next door neighbors fighting, or maybe they do I don’t know. Anyways I would recommend the K678 for someone starting to stream or just want something a bit better than the standard headset mic. 


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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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