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Redragon Phoenix M702 Review

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Redragon Phoenix M702 Review


Welcome to We Do Stuff, today I’m going to review the Red Dragon Phoenix.


First of just some basic information about the Red Dragon Phoenix.

Price: $21

DPI: 4000

Sensor: Optical

Buttons: 9 Programmable


Inside the box you get the mouse itself, a CD with the software on and a user manual.

Mouse Tour

The mouse has a smooth rounded shape, at the front you get your standard left and right mouse buttons with your scroll wheel that has a rubber grip.

Behind the scroll wheel is the DPI section switch. This button allows you to select between 5 different DPI levels. Each level as a specific color and will illuminate the scroll wheel.

Yellow: 500 DPI

Green: 1000

Blue: 2000

Pink: 3000

Red: 4000


Behind the DPI switch is another button that lets you change the lighting effect of the Red Dragon logo on the palm rest. You can choose between 3 different effects, Solid, breathing and flashing.


The mouse is ambidextrous so the left and the right side is exactly the same. Each side has 2 buttons and a anti-slip surface for better grip. When I pick up the mouse to move it my pinkie accidentally presses one of the buttons on that side.


Underneath the mouse you get 3 Teflon mouse feet, the optical sensor, a bay with 5 x 5garm weights and a setting switch. The setting switch lets you choose between the 5 profiles you can set in the software.


The cable is a 1.8 meter (5.9 feet) red and black braided cable with a gold plated usb connector.


The software included on the CD lets you adjust all the setting of the mouse. The general tab lets you assign different key commands to each of the 9 Programmable buttons. You are also able to adjust the acceleration, pointer speed, scroll speed double click speed and polling rate. At the bottom you can also choose between 5 different profiles.

Next is the DPI tab, here you can set the DPI of the 5 levels. You can even adjust the X and Y so your vertical movements can be faster or slower than your horizontal movements.

The 3de tab is for your Red Dragon logo on the palm rest.

The full Lighted lets you choose any color you want and then also the brightness of the LED.

Breathing lets you also choose any color and adjust the brightness level but then you can also adjust the breathing speed.

Flashing works the same as the breathing but only for flashing.

The last tab is just the info tab, here you can see some information about the mouse and the software.


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