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    TikTok now has competition

    0 0 0 Share0shareWhat is YouTube shorts? YouTube Shorts is a lot like TikTok, videos are up to 60 seconds long, with the option to create multiple videos, this way anyone can connect their audience with just a smartphone and the Shorts camera in the app. YouTube Shorts is still in Beta but you can […] More

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    Xiaomi’s blacklist status has been removed from the US government

    0 0 0 Share0shareXiaomi has finally reached an agreement with the U.S. government that Xiaomi will be removed from the blacklist altogether. The US Department of Defense has confirmed that the final order for removing Xiaomi from the blacklist “would be appropriate.” “The Parties have agreed upon a path forward that would resolve this litigation […] More

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    Some good news for gamers about mining

    0 0 0 Share0shareWith the massive GPU shortage coming from all sides, being it a worldwide microchip shortage, COVID-19 related or the crypto mining sector, gamers have been struggling to get their hands on GPU’s and not only the latest ones but any GPU. So we have heard for a while now that AIB partners […] More

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    Are you ready for Intel’s 12th Gen Alder-Lake S

    0 0 0 Share0shareIt was rumoured that we would see 12th gen in September of this year but it now seems we will only see the Alder-Lake S chips in November according to Wccftech. This would be the fastest architect upgrade in desktop history, with only 8 months between Rocket-Lake S and the new Alder-Lake […] More

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    Sony says PS5 will be in shortage till 2022

    0 0 0 Share0shareSony has warned that they wont be able to keep up with the high demand for the PlayStation 5, while reporting financial results in late April, Sony said it had sold 7.8 million units of the console through March 31, it is aiming to sell at least 14.8 million units in the […] More

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    GALAX is launching LHR RTX 3080/3070 graphics cards

    0 0 0 Share0shareGALAX has recently confirmed that they will be launching LHR(lower hash rate) RTX3080 and RTX 3070 GPUs. GALAX made the packaging identical to the other models of theses GPU so that no one knows if they are buying the LHR version or not. Smart move from GALAX. These two respective cards hash […] More

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    6nm AMD CPU in the books for the PS5

    0 0 0 Share0shareAccording to DigiTimes, manufacturing partners for Sony have started production on a new PS5 model, an updated version of the PlayStation 5 will apparently rely on an AMD-designed system-on-chip, made by using TSMC’s N6 a 6 nm fabrication process, as opposed to the current SoC which uses TSMC’s N7 technology. But it […] More

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    Why I think EPIC is the future for gamers

    0 0 0 Share0shareFor some or other reason PC gamers do not like Epic games or the Epic store, now I think its just because so many gamers don’t like Fortnite and I myself am not a Fortnite player. But I do not think gamers actually realize what Epic games are doing for the community. […] More

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    NEW Aorus pre builds goes the TESLA route

    0 0 0 Share0shareThe model X and model S has been long known to be car models from Tesla, well now Aorus has their own version of these two models. The Aorus model X is the bigger more powerful unit for the best performance and the model S is a mini unit that aims for […] More

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    Huawei Planning To Lose 50% Of Phone Sales + Running Ads On Phones

    0 0 0 Share0share[su_youtube url=”” autoplay=”yes”]     USB 4.0 Release Date Earlier this year we heard that the new USB 4.0 connection is in development. However now we when it might be released. AnandTech met up with the USB Promoter group at Computex where they found out that the new USB 4.0 connection […] More

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