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    Does Mars have mushrooms or are they hallucinating?

    0 0 0 Share0shareAn international team of scientists from various countries have gathered and compiled photographic evidence that they claim shows fungus-like objects growing on Mars. The scientists have analysed the images taken by NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers, as well as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera. The scientists have published the paper on […] More

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    6nm AMD CPU in the books for the PS5

    0 0 0 Share0shareAccording to DigiTimes, manufacturing partners for Sony have started production on a new PS5 model, an updated version of the PlayStation 5 will apparently rely on an AMD-designed system-on-chip, made by using TSMC’s N6 a 6 nm fabrication process, as opposed to the current SoC which uses TSMC’s N7 technology. But it […] More

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    Razer Nari – The Ultimate Wireless Headset For Gamers

    0 0 0 Share0shareRazer Nari Essential South Africa Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Razer Nari South Africa Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Razer Nari Ultimate South Africa Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada With wireless gaming becoming more and more popular having a good wireless headset is essential for long gaming sessions and […] More

  • Redragon H510 Zeus
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    Redragon H510 ZEUS Unboxing, Is it worth $50?

    0 0 0 Share0share[su_youtube_advanced url=””] The H510 Zeus is one of Redragon’s newer gaming headsets that has quite a similar look to the VERY popular HyperX Clouds. The H510 is however cheaper at $50 Or R1’400 compared to the $100 HyperX Cloud II. But still around the same price as the HyperX Stinger at $50. […] More

  • $2300 PC Build RGB Overflow

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    The $2300 RGB OVERFLOW Gaming PC Build

    0 0 0 Share0shareCPU – Intel Core i5 10600K (South Africa) (US) (UK) (CA) GPU – Asus ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Super (US) (UK) (CA) Motherboard – Aorus Z490 Master (South Africa) (US) (UK) (CA) RAM – Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB White – 2x8GB 3000Mhz (South Africa) (US) (UK) (CA) Storage – Mushkin Source 1TB […] More

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    DIERYA X KEMOVE DK61 – Cheap Keyboards Are Getting So Good

    0 0 0 Share0shareDK61 (Wired) Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada DK61 Pro (Wireless) Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Now A While back I took a look at the DK63 a $45 Wireless RGB Mechanical keyboard from Dierya. To me this was the best budget keyboard you could buy because of all the features […] More

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    NEW Razer Kraken 2019 Edition Review

    0 0 0 Share0shareHow’s it going everybody, so for today’s review we have the new version of the Kraken gaming headset from Razer. It’s the new upgraded version of the Kraken Pro V2. I have already taken a look at the Kraken Tournament edition which is the exact same headset except with an external sound […] More

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    MSI GP75 Leopard – 17.3″ 144hz Gaming Laptop For $1500

    0 0 0 Share0share►(RebelTech)►(US)►(UK)►(CA) Going to take a quick overview of MSI’s GP75 Leopard which is one of their more affordable gaming laptops. Starting at around $1500 or R26 000 (range from) Specs wise the GP75 Leopard comes with either a GTX 1660 Ti or an RTX 2060 paired up with […] More

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