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Amazing wireless QI mouse – Cooler Master MM831

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Cooler Master is one of our favourite brands currently, they really stepped up their game lately and the products they bring out is really good.

Well lets see if their new wireless mouse, the MM831, is as impressive as most of their other new products.


Firstly the price for the MM831 is $80 on amazon or R1300 here in South Africa. For that price there are quite a few very good wireless mice available. So what makes the MM831 the one to pick over all the other options?





South Africa



Let’s take a look at the design of the mouse, so the MM831 uses a premium PBT plastic that has a rougher texture on it. It has a modular design style to it, with the palm section being able to detach from the mouse, that’s where the wireless receiver sits as well. The palm rest is held in place by 4 magnets which does a really good job, it doesn’t move around or wiggle or feel loose or anything, well done to Cooler Master for this.

The buttons are very long so palm or claw grip will be the best for the MM831, but the most attractive aspect of the MM831 is the RGB. This is where Cooler Master really came out and showed us what they can do, you get 4 RGB zones, you have a big RGB strip going all around the mouse, then you get the Cooler Master logo on the palm rest, the scroll wheel and the DPI indicator as well. The RGB is big, bright and beautiful.

All the mouse settings can all be adjusted and programmed through the MasterPlus+ software, due note that to adjust anything on the mouse with the software it needs to be plugged in. You have 6 programmable keys and of course also your RGB is adjustable per zone.

On the left side of the mouse you get your 2 side buttons and a rubberized side grip, that actually feels really good and helps improve grip. The MM831 is made for right handers, so sorry lefties this piece of art is not for you.


As for the specs, the MM831 uses the PixArt PAW 3335. The 3335 features DPI of 400 all the way to 32000, a 400IPS and an adjustable polling rate from 125 to 1000Hz. But what really makes the MM831 stand out from the other wireless mice at this price range, is that it has multiple connection possibilities, yes on top of being able to run this with a cable you get the option of Bluetooth 4.2 too. So for someone that likes to use a single mouse for work and play this will be perfect. Switching between the different modes is also very easy; you just flip the mouse over and select the mode you want to be on. The polling rate is locked at 125Hz when running Bluetooth though, but that’s fine for normal day to day office work.

Cooler Master used OMRON switches for the mouse, the click pressure is honestly perfect, even the side buttons have a very satisfying click to them and are also placed very comfortably for easy access.

The scroll wheel has very nice clear steps to it, it has to be one of the best scroll wheels I have felt to date, the click feels very sturdy and all in all all the buttons and switches feel very sturdy and premium.
I don’t know what rubber they used for the scroll wheel and on the side but it has a very satisfying feel to it.


Now if that’s not enough for you it also has QI charging capabilities, so if you have a charger for your phone maybe on your desk you can use that too charge your mouse as well, or maybe get an extra addition to your set by using one of Cooler Masters QI charging capable products like their GS750 headset stand. So you can just pop your mouse on there as soon as you’re done gaming. Or even better get a wireless charging mousepad and you would never have to worry about a battery ever again.


The MM831 has a 800maH battery which is okay I guess, it lasted … amount of hours for average day to day use on the Bluetooth and … hours on the wireless dongle, charging on the cable it took … hours to charge full and on wireless charging it took … hours for a full charge. It would’ve been nice to have some sort of battery indicator on the mouse. Or even if you could just set the RGB to adjust colors as your battery loses charge. Your RGB also does go off if the battery goes under 30%, the DPI indicator flashing red at 15% battery and all lights being off at 5%. So it’s probably some sort of indicator. As the software also doesn’t have a battery meter.

Another pleasant ad on is the Type-c cable which like mentioned before can be used to charge the mouse as well as the main connection to the PC.


The gaming was a really pleasant experience, for me personally the mouse was a little bit on the heavy side but then again I only use ultra lightweight mice. But it was very accurate and smooth. No complaints other than the weight here for me.


So some things worth mentioning is that the first time we connected the mouse VIA the wireless USB it didn’t want to connect, I had to remove the dongle and then put it back for the mouse to connect. Also the mouse goes into a sleep mode and to wake it you need to click a button it doesn’t wake up when moved, so we recommend maybe using the scroll wheel to wake it up. It is also on the heavier side, weighing in at 123 grams.

All of those set aside the MM831 is definitely in my top 3 of mice all in all, it’s extremely comfortable, packed full of features, very versatile and just plain gorgeous. So like all of Cooler Master’s new gear, the MM831 just hit a home run. Cooler Master is quickly becoming one of the best brands on the market. So far we have enjoyed every single new product from them.

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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