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Adata SE760 – The Fast, Reliable and Portable External SSD

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So over the past few months we have done quite a few external SSDs, now it seems that they are becoming more and more popular. As they are small, light and very fast. Not to mention less prone to crash and more durable than conventional external HDDs. Today we are taking a look at what Adata brings to this market. So we have the Adata SE760 1TB, USB 3.2 Gen 2 type-C external SSD. 

Type-C Connection

Now USB 3.2 Gen 2 has speeds that go all the way up to 1000 MB/s. That’s about 12 times faster than the normal external HDDs. So from content creators to movie fanatics, will appreciate these speeds, as less time waiting to copy means more time enjoying the content. 

Build Quality

Now the SE760 has a very sturdy build as it uses a metal shell, with hairline brushes over it to make it look as good as it performs. You also get 2 color variances, black and titanium grey. 

Brushed Aluminum casing


Now all these good and juicy goodies don’t come without a price, as we have previously seen that external SSDs aren’t cheap. Now unfortunately the prices for the SE760 on amazon changed a lot, it ranged from $150 to $230 depending on when we looked but that was for the 1TB, the 256GB and 500GB models stayed the same.


Now the question is for the unknown price, how much performance do you get? 

As we can see from the benchmarks, the Adata did decently well, where it got better speeds than most of the other USB 3.2 externals that we have done before. As expected though, Randoms did not do too good. As for the copy tests we copied a 38GB file to the SSD then we duplicated it onto the external SSD and then we copied it from the external SSD back to the internal SSD again to test a combination of read and writes.


As for heat dissipation, The SE760 got quite toasty, reaching a max temperature of 86 degrees, strangely it wasn’t as warm, as I would expect it to be. I thought it would be too hot to pick up. Which just tells me that the casing does not extract the heat from the actual SSD fast enough. So the temperature at the core stays too hot. 

Temperature test

So in conclusion, The Adata SE760, is a very sturdy external SSD. With decent performance, good build quality and has stylish looks. For the average consumer that wants speed and compact size, it will be very good. Even for content creators, the speed and size is perfect. It’s slightly larger than we have seen before, but nothing too big or uncomfortable. It does get hot but that was after we put it through its paces. For normal use it shouldn’t reach those temperatures. 

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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