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6nm AMD CPU in the books for the PS5

According to DigiTimes, manufacturing partners for Sony have started production on a new PS5 model, an updated version of the PlayStation 5 will apparently rely on an AMD-designed system-on-chip, made by using TSMC’s N6 a 6 nm fabrication process, as opposed to the current SoC which uses TSMC’s N7 technology. But it seems to only be an internal upgrade and there are no evidence as of yet of an external change.

The N6 technology delivers up to 18% higher transistor density compared to the current N7, which can shrink die size and reduces costs. Which is typically the pattern we see with consoles, to lower the price around every 2 years. Tip offs suggest that productions should start Q2 or Q3 of 2022.

Now since launch Sony has sold over 7.8milion PS5’s, which makes it one of the fastest selling gaming machines ever, with projections to hit over 10 million units for this year alone. Which is remarkable with the shortage that there was as well. I also know a lot of people wait for a slim or second version to be launched before they buy a new console. So we might see even higher numbers next year when this 6nm one comes out.

Although there was rumors about a PS5 slim that would have sported with a 5nm chip, these chips were apparently too costly to produce. So we might still get some leaks about a redesign for the upcoming PS5 but nothing has sprung out yet. So we will have to wait and see, hopefully Microsoft also has a refresh coming to compete against Sony.


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