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1st Player DK5.0 – Great Keyboard, Better Price.

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We recently took a look at the 1st player DK 5.0 Mechanical keyboard which is currently available in 2 versions. The full 104 key version which we have here as well as a Ten-Keyless version called the DK5.0 Lite.

As for pricing you can pick up the 104 key model for around $50 or the 87 key model for $45 on Amazon, unfortunately there is no pricing available for South Africa.


Looking at the design of the DK 5.0, The body has a very simplistic design but is still pretty well constructed out of thick black ABS plastic that has almost no flex.

With a keyboard designed to be minimalistic there is very little space for extra features but 1st Player has managed to incorporate full RGB control without the need to download any software on your computer but the option is there if you want it, you can go from working to gaming with nothing more than the press of two buttons.


The keyboard we received came with Outemu blue switches which are both great for typing and gaming, they have an actuation force of around 46g bottoming out at 60 grams of force, They do have the option of tactile brown switches as well as linear red switches if the blues aren’t your thing. The blue switches do have a very audible and tactile click which is quite satisfying to type on. The keys are also very consistent with none sounding or feeling any different from the others. The keyboard features full N-key rollover meaning that every keypress is picked up no matter how many you press simultaneously.

As for the keycaps they are double shot injected ABS plastic keycaps with a smooth surface and a very interesting font choice. The Outemu switches do have Cherry MX compatible stems, so you can switch out the keycaps if you feel like personalizing it a bit with some aftermarket keycaps like we did. The secondary functions are unfortunately printed on the tops of the original keycaps and could fade over time with regular use. 

Flipping it over

Taking a look underneath the DK5.0 you get 4 rubber pads for grip. 1 in each corner that adds a good amount of grip and 2 flip out keyboard feet that also have rubber grips. There are also 4 water drain holes because the keyboard is water resistant so it may survive some accidental spillage but it is not waterproof so I definitely wouldn’t recommend swimming with it.

The cable is a 1.5M  non-detachable, non-braided cable that could possibly wear out over time


The DK 5.0 uses pre-programmed functions as well as additional software for RGB control and programming macros. Having 13 effects with 8 colors, full brightness and speed control pre-programmed with additional options available in the software. We did find that the white was actually a shade of purple during our tests. The keyboard uses function keys to control both the RGB as well as the audio controls when not running the software incase you want to move the keyboard between systems without reinstalling anything. The keyboard has 5 brightness levels and 5 effect speed levels and an option to turn the lights completely off. It also comes with 5 preprogrammed profiles labeled L1-L5 which light up important keys for MOBA or FPS gaming as default but can be customized and saved on the keyboard. The software is very basic but does work well enough.


From my experience with the keyboard I can say that the DK 5.0 is a good entry level option, it has pretty solid build quality and decent RGB features.

Its a well balanced keyboard that works well for both typing and gaming as long as the person next to you likes the sound of blue switches. The software can be improved and made easier to find but luckily the keyboard can be used completely fine without it.

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