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Xtrfy M4 – Jaw Dropping, 69g, High Performance Gaming Mouse

2019 was the year for ultra lightweight gaming mice with a ton of holes and even though it sounds and sometimes looks dumb it really works and can look really good if done right like with the M4 from Xtrfy.

The M4 only weighs 69 grams without the cable which is definitely way down there at being one of the lightest high performance gaming mice on the market at a decent price of $60. At first I thought it would be too light like with the MM710 from Cooler MAster that I reviewed a while back. But I think because it has a more medium to larger body it doesn’t feel that light and actually feels really good your hand. The holes didn’t bother me at all and the UV coated matt finish, that you can also get in different colors feels nice and smooth.

Finger Placement and grip is great for any style having a nice curve for your palm to rest on and also the slightly curved thumb rest that makes it easy to press the mushy thumb buttons.

The right side also has a very comfortable curve that makes pinky and ring finger placements no issue. One thing that I think would be quite cool is if Xtrfy could make a model that’s just a tiny bit bigger closer to the Deathadder size. That to me would be perfect, but let me know what you guys think because I know Xiy from RocketJumpNinja said its too big for him with the curves and he’s a pro. So user experience will differ.

For the clickers they do have a nice snappy click with the Omron switches. As for the scroll wheel it looks quite cool with the RGB but not only that it has a nice lightly textured rubber grip and a surprisingly silght scroll with suttlel steps. Just behind the scroll wheel you get not the DPI selection switch but the RGB selection switch, with 9 effects and 10 levels of brightness. Its not the most advanced RGB lighting you will get on a mouse especially because you do not have any software for further customization but honestly I don’t mind. It looks so good changing through the mouse especially with all the holes letting the light through. But also that Xtrfy logo underneath the palm rest looks so sick. Definitely one of the best looking mice on the market and again you get it in 5 different colors.

Taking a look underneath the M4 you get 4 very smooth PTFE glide pads in the corners and the Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor, which is up there for the best sensor in a mouse currently. So no jittering or sensor roll out with this sensor and liftoff distance is also low at only a single DVD. 

But now because there is no software all the adjustments are made underneath the mouse with the 8 DPI level switch that ranges from 400 to 16000 and the polling rate switches for 125, 500 or 1000hz. 

Finally for the cable you get a 1.8 m or 5.9 feet Xtrfy EZcord braided cable which is quite light and flexible definitely one of the better ones. But after using the M710 with its crazy light and flexible cable everything else feels kinda stiff to me. 

In conclusion, I honestly love the M4, it looks amazing, has a perfect sensor and for my hand has a near perfect shape. I really don’t have any major negative things to say about the M4 maybe the only downside is that there isn’t any software for more control. But that doesn’t really bother me that much. Oh yes I did notice sometimes when I haven’t used the mouse for a couple of minutes when I then move the mouse its as if it falls asleep and wakes up with a jerk. However that never happened while gaming or using the mouse. For $60 you really get a great mouse and is one of my new favorite mice.

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Written by Wookie

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