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Why I think EPIC is the future for gamers

For some or other reason PC gamers do not like Epic games or the Epic store, now I think its just because so many gamers don’t like Fortnite and I myself am not a Fortnite player. But I do not think gamers actually realize what Epic games are doing for the community.

Epic games are seen as the bad guys of the gaming community but in retrospect they are actually the Robin Hood of our community, well in the aspect that Robin Hood was a extremely rich prince stealing from other extremely rich kings. Anyway Epic Games are taking the fight to big companies like Apple, PlayStation and the king for PC gamers Valve.

Now I’m not saying that Epic is doing this purely for us, I’m sure they have their own agenda as well but for now we as gamers benefit from what Epic is doing right now. So what exactly are they doing? Well lets start with what Fortnite has done for us. Fortnite has brought the gaming scene into most peoples homes and made gaming more accepted and more mainstream and that’s just scratching the surface.

Well Apple has taken Fortnite off of their app store because Epic found a way to bypass the 30% cut apple takes from all apps bought in the app store or even in app purchases. So in return Epic games is taking Apple to court. By doing so its made other big companies stand with Epic like Spotify, Match Group, Basecamp, and Tile — there’s one more tech behemoth in play. Epic Games Store runs on Amazon Web Services. So its not just Epic that fighting against Apple for App fairness.

Now Valve is also taking a 30% cut from all games purchased on Steam, so in return Epic only takes 12%. Meaning you are either going to get games for much cheaper, or game developers will get more money for the game that they made and in return you get better support from them, better content and even better future titles from said developer. Even Microsoft is following in the Epic footprints and doing the same now only making 12% from the games sold in their store.

On top of that Epic has started giving games away every month, costing them $11 million in the first 9 months. And I know you guys go claim your free games as well, even if you say you hate the Epic Store, so do I but Ill get into that later.

Back in 2018 when crossplay started peeking its head out. Microsoft and Nintendo made crossplay available between the two of them. Well PlayStation said that there was nothing no one could do to make them consider crossplay. Epic made a really good offer to PlayStation and Sony just had no interest.

Until they realized they can make money from it then they were open for the idea again. So of course Epic said lets do it, we want everyone to be able to play Fortnite with all their friends, no matter on what they play. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney confirmed in testimony that Sony is the only platform that requires this compensation for crossplay. “In certain circumstances Epic will have to pay additional revenue to Sony,” said Sweeney. “If somebody were primarily playing on PlayStation, but paying on iPhone then this might trigger compensation.” Sweeney also said that Epic had to agree to pay these additional fees to Sony in order to enable crossplay in Fortnite.

Epic Games are changing the gaming industry, and whether or not this is also for their own gains, we are reaping the benefits here too. That I appreciate, but one thing Epic must really work on is their Epic store, I really do not like the way it works and how slow it is. Even buying a game from another launcher like Star Wars takes forever to open through Epic store, where the same thing on Steam is just so much faster. But the games are cheaper on Epic and developers make more money and that’s the reason I will continue buying my games from the Epic store.

But I hope that everyone reads up more on what Epic is doing for us as gamers and support them more instead of companies like Valve.

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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