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Tech News Of The Day – 12 January 2016

Young Han Solo - Tech News of the day

Tech News Of The Day – January 12 2016.

Tech News Of The Day with links and video.

  1. HTC Vive VR Headset Pre Orders Open On 29 Of February
  2. Palmer Luckey says PlayStation VR no at good as Oculus
  3. Star Wars The Force Awakens 3de Highest Grossing Film In The World
  4. Apple Making Wireless Earphones
  5. Samsungs New Exynos 8890 Mobile Chipset
  6. Last 8 Actors To Play Young Han Solo
  7. Apple Denies Working On A iOS To Android Tool
  8. New Spiderman In Captain America Civil War
  9. Apple Has 10 Million Paying Apple Music Subscribers
  10. Tesla Cars Can Now Seld-Park
  11. Forza Horizon 2 Trailer Made Inside GTA 5
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