Tech News | Oculus Rift Price, Apple $1.1Billion, Gaming With Your Eyes

Is the Oculus Rift Too Expensive?


All the topics in the video can be found below.

Oculus Rift Price:


Oculus Rift Requirements:


Palmer Luckey Defends Oculus Price Tag:


Valve CS:GO Permanent Ban On Match Fixing:


Sony Benchmark:


Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook:


Razer Stargazer “Most Advanced Webcam”:


MSI Eye Tracking Gaming Laptop:


Square Enix Closes Cloud Gaming Business:


North Korea Testing Hydrogen Bomb:


Curiosity Rover’s Mars Fotos:


Apple made $1.1 Billion:


Microsoft Stops Support For Internet Explorer:


Netflix In 190 Countries:


Fallout 4 Thomas The Train Engine Mod:


Linus Tech Tips, Most Badass System Ever:

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