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Tech News | Minecraft 2 SCAM, No More Pirated Games, VR Feedback Suit

Tech News For January 8 2016


Palmer Luckey apologizes for Oculus price.

No More Pirated Games.

Minecraft 2 Scam.

Razer Nabu smart watch.

MSI 27″ ALO with replaceable graphics card.

Farcry Primal No CO-OP or Multiplayer.

Sian Blake Murdered.

PlayStation VR going to cost between $400 and $600.

Sony 48K 360 degree video with 12 Z5 Compact Smartphones.

Core M CPU for intel compute stick.

Volks Wagen going to buy back 100 000 diesel cars.

Apple bought AI company.

Dell’s Oculus Ready PCs.

Microsoft building Sim cards.

First drone that can carry a passenger.


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