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    AMD Bulking Up Threadripper With 64 Cores & 128 Threads – Tech News

    [su_youtube url=”″ autoplay=”yes”]     Price for Ryzen 3000 & X570   We have gotten MSRP prices from AMD but now we have or first look at what they will cost in stores. The Danish retailer listed prices for their Ryzen 3000 and X570 boards. The prices are in Danish Krones and […] More

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    Everything We Know About RYZEN 2000

    [su_youtube url=”″ autoplay=”yes”] Ryzen 2000 Released On April 19th The first Gen Ryzen CPUs was a major success for AMD with a lot of people, myself included opting to rather go for a Ryzen CPU. But now the new 2000 Series Ryzen chips are being released and they look very promising from all the leaks […] More

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    Tech News | FREE Oculus Rift, 1T M.2 SSD, AMD Polaris, HTC Vive Pre

    Tech  News for January 6 2016 [su_youtube url=”″ autoplay=”yes”]   Topics and links AMD Polaris architecture: SteelSeries OLED screen mouse: Free Oculus Rift: Rise of the tomb raider release date and specs: Maingear’s Alpha 34 AIO: HTC Vive Pre: Twitter 10 000 characters: Hideo Kojima hall of fame: […] More

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    Tech News | Steam DOS attack, Apple pays $350M, MLG Sold

    [su_youtube url=”″ autoplay=”yes”] Topics Windows 10 market share Windows 10 reached 200M Steam user record Valve DOS attack Apple Tax fraud AMD R9 Fury X2 delay Windows 95 on 3DS Oculus touch controller delayed MLG sold The Force Awakens new record Console on for 20 years Garry’s mod reaches 10M sold Fallout 4 1000 deathclaws […] More

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    AMD delays R9 Fury X2 till VR headsets release

    According to the Radeon R9 Fury X2 is going to be delayed till the launch of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. AMD has reported that the R9 Fury X2 will be released some time in 2016, but now it is safe to say it will be in Q2 of 2016. This is somewhat […] More