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Sharkoon Shark Zone M51+ Review

Sharkoon Shark Zone M51+ Review

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Sharkoon Shark Zone M51+

Inside The Box

  • CD with Software and Manual
  • Additional Set of Mouse Feet
  • Transport Bag
  • USB Power and Data Cable
  • Manual

Sharkoon Shark Zone M51+

Sharkoon Shark Zone M51+

Build Quality

M51 mouse

Let’s start with the overall build. The H51 feels very nice in one’s hand, weighing 150grams . The thumb and pinkie rests also has a nice rubber grip that will prevent your fingers from slipping. The top has a matt like finish, except where the LED logo is.

The M51 has 11 programmable buttons.

  • Right and left click
  • DPI switch with 7 DPI levels.
  • 4 way mouse scroll wheel
  • 3 thumb buttons
  • Ring finger LED button

Sharkoon Shark Zone M51 MouseThe normal left and right mouse clicks has a decent weight to it. The mouse scroll wheel has a rubber strip for some grip and is able to click to the left and right. Clicking right with the scroll wheel sounds like you are getting 2 click, but you are just getting the one. Just to let you know.

Just before the scroll wheel is the DPI up and down switch. The switch is a single button that clicks forward or back to change the DPI level. There are four LED DPI indicators next to the left mouse button which will let you know what DPI level you are on.

The 3 thumb buttons are very nicely placed, 2 on the top and 1 on the bottom. The bottom button has a very shallow click and will most likely be pressed with the side of your thumb.

Lastly the LED button is in the front on the right side. The button is kind of hard to press with your ring finger while gaming. The LED button will switch between 3 colors. Red, Blue and a custom color (I was not able to change the Red and Blue to a custom color) Unfortunately the LED isn’t that nice, you are able to look in to the mouse and see the small LED glob. This makes the light not spread evenly across the logo which I didn’t like at all. Also on pulse the led flickers a bit when it’s low. It’s not that noticeable but I did pick it up when looking closely.

On the bottom of the mouse is 4 padded mouse feet, an Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor and 6 X 5g weights.

Now for the cable, it is a braided 1.8 meter (5.9 feet) cable with a gold plated USB connector.


Sharkoon Shark Zone MB10

MB10 USB hub

There’s not a lot of things to say about the MB10 really. It has 4 USB ports but needs 2 USBs to power it, so you only get 2 ports really. The MB10 has a Yellow Shark Zone logo that lights up and has a scorpion tail for a cable to run through.


Sharkoon Shark Zone M51+


So how does the M51+ stack up? First of the MB10 USB hub is a very nice accessory if your case has too few USBs or is too far for comfort. But using 2 USBs to power it is a bit much for me. I would have rather wanted it to use a plug. But 2 extra USBs are better than none and the Yellow LED looks cool.

Next the M51 mouse, I was impressed with the mouse. It had everything I wanted, good size, buttons, feel. The only things I didn’t like was the LED that you could see through the logo and when playing a FPS like CS:GO lifting up the mouse a bit made the cursor move. The sensor has a 1-5mm lift-off distance which is a bit too much for me. My daily driver is a Razer DeathAdder Chroma so I’m probably a bit spoiled. But if you don’t lift up your mouse while gaming the M51 will be a great mouse for $60.



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