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RAM with a more elegant touch – T-Force EXTREEM 4000MHz

Today we will take a look at the XTREEM kit from Team Force. We have the 4000MHz 2x 8GB kit, timings of 18-22-22-42 running at 1.2V however they are rated for 1.35V. So specs wise the two are exactly the same. But do they perform the same or is the XTREEM kit what its name suggests? EXTREME!!


So before we get into the performance let’s first see what the prices are like for these bad boys. 

So the specific kit that we have here is retailing for about $140 on amazon or R3300 here in South Africa. But if you use our discount code WEDOTECH on you can get an additional R400 discount! The Price is very competitive considering how these puppies perform. Well and how they look as they have 15 ARGB LEDs. 


This memory gets something right that not alot of other brands do, getting that balance between the gaming look and professional look. They have a mirror look to them and when you switch them on the LEDs shine through the mirror and illuminate the RAM. Now the EXTREEMs are fingerprint magnets, luckily you don’t touch your RAM that often. Well hopefully not, but even if you do TeamGroup at least hooked you up with a microfiber little cloth to make them look all shiny and clean again.

Regarding the RGB they work with ASUS AURA sync, Gigabyte RGB fusion, MSI Mystic light Sync and ASrocks Polychrome RGB. So, you have multiple options for effects on the ram, you get static, pulse, flash, color cycle, the default rainbow effect and then also off. Each of the 15 LEDs are individually addressable, which makes it very easy to incorporate the ram into your colour scheme. For our tests we pair it up with an ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero motherboard and their AURA SYNC software.


As with our other RAM benchmarks we did not overclock them. Because of how complicated it can get and most of the average consumers do not overclock. The best thing is just to go the plug and play route and enable the XMP settings in your BIOS. The kit we have here is the 2x 8GB kits at 4000MHz with timings of 18-22-22-42. We are going to  compare them to the XPG’s D50s 3600MHz with timings of 18-20-20-42 as well as corsair vengeance at 3000MHz and timings of 15-17-17-35 and the T-Force Night hawk RGB at 4000MHz with the same timings.. These are Hynix memory chips that were used for the EXTREEM. Unfortunately Thaiphoon Burner could not pick up which Die they are.


Now RAM is a tricky thing to benchmark, With AIDA 64 it was the clear winner but when it came to the cinebench benchmarks it kind of seems to have come down to margin of error. As the results were very mixed and extremely close to each other. We can see that the EXTREEMs did quite well nonetheless. Whether we down clocked them to 3000MHz or on 4000MHz they always stayed in the top 3. So we can at least say that the performance is very constant.

So in conclusion the EXTREEM modules are very good, very constant modules. They definitely look different and I love that. They aren’t so in your face with the gaming look. They have a minimalist design but still look pretty as well. T-Force did a really good job here and I must say this is one of my favorite RAM designs so far. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately, you can see your reflection in them, if you cleaned all of your fingerprint marks off of them though. 

But really that’s the only drawback to them. Other than that they are very good. Especially considering the price with our discount applied! Remember the discount code is WEDOTECH on

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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