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Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime Review

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Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime Review


What sup everybody welcome to We Do Tech. So today I am going to review the Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime that’s retailing for $49(US) or R799(ZAR).

Inside The Box

First off included in the packaging alongside the mouse are just a warranty paper and a useless paper that tells you where to get support.

Mouse Tour

Starting on the left side of the 302 you get 2 programmable thumb buttons and a thumb rest. The thumb rest doesn’t curve out or anything. It’s just a well-design drop that’s comfortable and gives you good grip to control the mouse.

The 2 thumb buttons at the top of the thumb rest is well placed for quick and easy use. They are programmable using the software which we’ll check out later.

Moving to the right side of the 302 which is identical to the left side expect of the 2 thumb buttons. Because the left and right side of 302 is almost identical it can be used for a left or right handed user.

Moving on to the front of the 302 you get the 2 meter or 6.5 feet non-braided usb cable and the 2 primary mouse buttons. The primary buttons use a metal spring tension system that Logitech says is better for quick actions and longevity.

Scroll wheels are something Logitech always do very well and with the 302 it’s no exception. The scroll wheel feels very snappy and has a bit shorter distance per scroll than a lot of other mice I have tested. The scroll wheel is a lot thinner than other mice as well and has a smooth rubber surface with no bumps. This gives the 302 less grip than other mice but the 302 is al about speed.

Just behind the scroll wheel is the DPI selection switch. The switch lets you cycle through 5 levels ranging from 240 to 4000 DPI with 80 increments.

Moving a bit back you get the illuminated Logitech G logo on the palm rest and down the sides you mesh-like pattern that is illuminated as well. The illuminated areas are unfortunately only blue, but you can configure some settings in the software.

Because the mouse is so small it works with all the different grip styles.

Underneath the 302 you get 6 smooth glide pads and a Delta Zero Optical sensor. The sensor is very smooth which makes it great for MOBAs and even FPS games. I don’t really play any MOBAs but I tried it out in counter strike and it was very precise. Playing with the AWP my aim has always on target and I couldn’t find anything bad about sensor.


The software that you can go download from Logitech’s website is there to assign your won keys to the mouse buttons, adjust the DPI and configure the LEDs. (watch video for more detail)



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