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GALAX is launching LHR RTX 3080/3070 graphics cards

GALAX has recently confirmed that they will be launching LHR(lower hash rate) RTX3080 and RTX 3070 GPUs. GALAX made the packaging identical to the other models of theses GPU so that no one knows if they are buying the LHR version or not. Smart move from GALAX.

These two respective cards hash rates will be halved according to GALAX, with the RTX3080 version getting around 43MH/s and the RTX3070 25MH/s. Of course this is the rate out of the box and overclocking will still improve the hash rates, but its still good to see GALAX trying to care somewhat for the gamers as well.

Credit: VideoCardZ
Credit: VideoCardZ

Hopefully we will see some of the other board partners do the same and get some GPUs into gamers hands.

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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