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    Cooler Master SK622 – The best keyboard for Mac?

    So do you have a lot of Apple and/or Windows devices that you use on a daily basis? well Cooler Master has you covered with their new SK622 keyboard. Its low profile, mechanical and easily switches between up to 4 devices. but how good is it really? Price The MSRP for the SK622 is between […] More

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    Drop ENTR – Enthusiast level quality on a Budget | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada [su_youtube_advanced url=””] Drop recently sent us one of their new keyboards to take a look at and it’s something a bit different, the Drop ENTR is their new prebuilt TKL keyboard designed to give you the feeling of an enthusiast grade keyboard at a fraction […] More

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    1st Player DK5.0 – Great Keyboard, Better Price.

    We recently took a look at the 1st player DK 5.0 Mechanical keyboard which is currently available in 2 versions. The full 104 key version which we have here as well as a Ten-Keyless version called the DK5.0 Lite. As for pricing you can pick up the 104 key model for around $50 or the […] More

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    Clash of the Headphones – Best Corsair Wireless Headset

    HS70 Pro VS Void Elite VS Virtuoso SE So recently we had a look at some of Corsairs best selling wireless headsets and the key differences between them. We compared The Corsair HS70 Pro priced at $92 and the Void RGB Elite Wireless priced at $100. We also compared them against the more premium $190 […] More

  • Corsair 4000D Airflow Review
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    Corsair 4000D Airflow – Great Performance at a Good Price

    ⬇⬇⬇ Get It Here ⬇⬇⬇ South Africa | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada Corsair has recently announced their new 4000 series cases with a couple of options depending on your needs and design preferences. The 4000 series comes in 3 different models, the standard 4000D with a solid metal front panel, the […] More

  • Sharkoon DarkGlider
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    Sharkoon DarkGlider Mouse Review

    First Impression So what was my first impression of the Sharkoon DarkGlider. Well first of it’s a very big mouse, so if you have small hands this is not the mouse for you. I have medium hands and at first the DarkGlider was too big for me, but I got a hang of it […] More

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    Top 10 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend

    Top 10 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend Probably one of the big questions every gamer asks themselves. What games can I play with my girlfriend? Well, this article may be able to help you out a bit. So here are our Top 10 Games to play with your girlfriend. 1. Minecraft Minecraft is probably the […] More

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    How to disable Windows 10 updates

    Windows 10 has been out for more than a year now. But unlike the previous Windows where you could disable Windows updates, with Windows 10 you are not able too. So Windows 10 will do a regular update ranging from only a few megabytes to few gigabytes a month. For people that lives in third […] More