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ASUS TUF VG32VQ – The Ultimate 32″, 1440P & 144hz

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Starting of the VG32VQ is currently Retailing for $430 on Amazon and around

 R11000 on DreamwareTech here in South Africa.

Taking a look at the screen itself. The VG32 is a curved 31.5 inch 2560x1440p, VA panel running 144Hz with 1ms response time. Along with that it also features  AMD Freesync, shadow boost and has HDR10.


Starting off with the design the VG32 has a square stand with some red accents and Mayan inspired marks, giving that gaming feel but too in your face either.

The square stand design is quite sturdy so you won’t need to worry about the monitor accidentally being pumped over. 

The stand also features a few angle adjustments for the screen. The screen is able to tilt 25 degrees and has a height adjustment of 14cm also swivel 62 degrees in either direction. But no pivot which isn’t really a problem in my opinion.

The stand also features cable management clip, that clips onto the leg of the screen to route your cables through, so you are able to neatly hide all your cables through that, the locking mechanism is easy to get in place but I feel it could’ve been more secure as it does pop out when pulling on some cables. The screen is also vesa mountable.


Taking a look at the back IO you get two HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2,the DC power and then a 3.5mm headphone output. Included with the monitor is a Display port & HDMI cable and then the power adaptor which is reasonable in size.


Moving on to the panel, because it’s a VA panel you will experience some ghosting, but it definitely is good for gaming and productivity work. It does have a feature called ELMB which ASUS claims will eliminate Ghosting and tearing, which it does but at the sacrifice of brightness and some additional blurriness. The VG32 has a Contrast Ratio of 3000:1, 1ms grey to grey response, has a max brightness of 400 nits which is enough for HDR400, while its a nice to have it is not that crazy I can live without it. As for color accuracy it’s above average, covering 92% of the sRGB color gamut and 72% adobe sRGB color space.


The VG32 also features 2x 2watt RMS speakers. Which is loud enough for watching a movie or playing some games. It is not overly loud and does lack bass. But let’s hear what they sound like.


The bezel is a frameless design measuring at 8mm on the sides and top, which gives you that real nice clean look. At the bottom you do have a thicker border measuring 2cm.As for viewing angles because its a VA panel you don’t get any color changes when viewing from the sides and stays quite sharp. 

The screen’s display surface is a non-glare coating so if you sit in front or next to a window you won’t have any that light shining on the screen and ruin your experience. But keep in mind that antiglare does still reflect light if you shine it close or straight in front of the monitor. The screen does have a slight curve of 1800R,which is definitely needed for this size monitor. It gives a more natural viewing angle.

As for backlight bleed, the VG32 does have some bleed but that is to be expected with a bigger screen like this. 

Onscreen Menu

Now as for the onscreen menu you are able to access it by using the navigation joystick at the back right side of the monitor, you will also get 4 buttons that can be used to close the menu, open  up the GamePlus menu, The GameVisual menu and then turn the monitor on or off. 

Inside the menu you can access features like the blue light filter, color control, display input and many more.

With the GamePlus menu you can add a dedicated crosshair, fps counter, and a countdown timer to the screen which are some nice extra features. Not everybody will use them of course but you do have them at your disposal.

The GameVisual menu allows you to quickly switch between the preset picture modes to whatever looks best for you. 


But now getting into the gaming experience, the 144hz is always nice and smooth . Added with the 1440p resolution really makes the experience very enjoyable. The smoothness and higher resolution really enhances your gaming experience and combining that with the clean design and nice thin bezels it just looks and works great in any environment. 

But overall the VG32VQ is a great gaming monitor with the looks and performance. It is somewhat expensive, but it is a mix of high resolution, high refresh rate and big size. However the 1440p means you will probably need quite a beefy GPU to hit those 144fps.You might to check out our previous RX5700XT Strix review which is a perfect 1440p GPU. 

There might be some cheaper options out there but then again you do pay for good build quality,a voluptuous curve and good gaming experience.

So if you are looking on getting your hands on the VG32VQ check out he links in the description and a big thanks to ASUS south Africa for sending the monitor over for the review.

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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