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5 of my favorite gadgets under $200 for 2020

So today we’re going to take a quick look at my 5 favorite tech items under $200 that I got this year. There’s a little bit of everything here but it’s mostly stuff that I’ve found extremely useful in day to day life, some of the items we’re taking a look at today have had full reviews of their own so if you would like to check them out I will leave links to those videos down in the description below.

1. Lepow Portable Screen

So kicking the list off is this portable 15.6” 1080p screen from a company called Lepow. While this is the most expensive item on the list retailing for $200 on amazon it’s also the most useful. Whether you’re someone who works on a laptop and wants a second screen to help with productivity or a gamer who wants to be able to set up quickly and easily on the go this can help you do that. As for power it can either run off of a USB power brick or over the same USB type-C connector that drives the display. But don’t worry there is also a mini-HDMI connector for your devices that have a standard HDMI output instead of type-C.

One thing that I did notice is that it’s not the most color accurate screen so it’s not the best for color sensitive work like photo and video editing but it’s good enough for gaming, watching movies or general office work. It has 2 built in 1w speakers which are pretty soft but will again be good enough in a pinch. If you do want better sound there is a built in 3.5mm jack that you can use for some earphones or a portable speaker. It comes with pretty much everything you’ll need to get started like a HDMI to Mini HDMI cable, a power brick and a USB type-A to type-C cable for power. It also comes with a nice magnetic cover that doubles as a stand. Overall it’s something that I use quite a lot especially when working on my laptop because of how easy it is to set up.

2.Divoom Pixoo max

Next up we have something that’s a little less useful but really interesting, the Divoom Pixoo max is a small, I guess you could call it a signboard, that uses 256 LEDs to create pixel art images and animations that have a retro 8-bit look to them. It’s currently available on Divoom’s website for about $100. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to an app on your phone which lets you create or download 1000’s of GIFs and pictures for it to display. The first time we connected it, it did take a while to display but it was probably because of an update. It has a massive 5000mAh built-in battery that lasts about 10 hours on a full charge so you can put it pretty much anywhere, Even in your car thanks to the fact that it will work in temperatures up to 80 degree Celsius. It charges over USB type-C and has quite a few options for mounting like a wall hanger, desk stand and threaded inserts for a car mount. It’s a nice addition to bring a bit of personality into pretty much any room. 

3.1 MORE ANC Pro

So now for some audio gear, I recently took a look at the Dual driver ANC pros from one more and have been using them pretty much constantly ever since. They’re a good quality pair of wireless earphones that have two speakers in each ear that deliver great sound quality. They can also use both the LDAC and AAC codecs if your device supports them meaning they support Hi-Res audio. Because they decided to go with the neckband design they aren’t as small as the truly wireless earbuds currently on the market, but this does give them the space for a bigger battery and physical controls so I think it’s a fair trade. The physical buttons let you control everything without taking your phone out of your pocket, you can also activate your voice assistant to give you even more control. The neckband itself is pretty comfortable and you kind of forget it’s there after a while. They also have 3 levels of active noise cancelling and a companion app, The Active noise cancellation isn’t the greatest especially when compared to larger over ear headphones but for the size of the earphones its not bad. As for battery life they can last up to 20 hours total depending on the noise cancelling, volume and audio quality settings you use. The sound itself is pretty well balanced and the quality was great so I would definitely recommend them to anyone who uses earphones often especially if you like good quality sound and need them for long stretches. They retail for $150 on the 1more website.

4.Transcend Jetflash 910

This little Transcend flash drive is something that I tend to use quite often, having a decent amount of fast storage in your pocket can be quite a lifesaver at times. The Transcend Jetflash 910 is a USB 3.1 gen 1 flash drive which is capable of a maximum 420 MB/s read and 400MB/s write speeds. The 256GB version we have here retails for about $70 on amazon. It comes in a nice sandblasted aluminum shell which helps protect it and dissipate heat. The aluminum does get pretty hot though which is something to keep in mind. The design overall is pretty sleek, it is a bit longer than most other flash drives even without the cap. It does support OTG in case you want to connect it to your phone. It’s a pretty nice thing to keep in your pocket for when you need it and it doesn’t take up too much space either.

5.Moshi Otto Q

Last but not least is this simple and minimalistic wireless charger, it’s made by a company called Moshi and it’s called the Otto Q. the one we have here is the 10w version which is unfortunately out of stock at the time of making this video, but the bigger 15w version retails for about $40 on amazon. The Otto Q is a qi wireless charger that works well even through pretty thick cases and looks pretty good too in my opinion. It has soft grey fabric covering the top and a silicone ring to stop whatever you’re charging from sliding off, there’s also a silicone pad on the bottom of the charger to keep it in place on your desk or bedside table. The Moshi logo in the center looks like a metal badge but it’s actually made out of silicone so you don’t have to worry about it scratching your phone. The Otto Q comes with a nice matching grey USB type C cable but you will need your own charging block because there isn’t one included. The charger also has a small LED light to let you know if your device is still charging but I honestly never really use it because my phone shows how much it’s charged, overall it’s a pretty nice thing to have especially to just throw my phone on charge while I’m working, it does take a while to charge so if you do just want to quickly top up your battery I’d still recommend just using your charger but for charging overnight keeping it full it’s a great option.

I use most of these products on a day to day basis and they honestly tend to make things a lot easier especially while working. The second screen and active noise cancelling earphones help with productivity, the wireless charger keeps my battery topped up and the Pixoo max keeps things interesting. But that’s it for my top 5 cool gadgets under $200 for 2020.

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Written by Ruan Bronkhorst

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